Design your home to reflect your style. Get cozy with some candles, pillows or lamps. Revamp your home with a new table, couch or plant pots. Designer, vintage or self-made – find your unique secondhand homeware on marko.

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Looking for that standout addition? Uplift your home by exploring our furniture collection.

  • Runder kleiner Esstisch
  • Schreibtisch mit Regal
  • 2 Nachttishe
  • Nür bett
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Secondhand Superstar

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Culinary Maestro

Show off your cooking skills in style, with some vintage kitchenware.

  • Original Fridge
  • 4 Stück Kaffee Gläser
  • Früchteschale Gold
  • Salz- und Pfefferstreuer Kaktus
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