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marko is your go-to-place for finding unique secondhand treasures in an exciting way, whether you’re looking for clothing, furniture or electronics. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll quickly walk you through a few steps to help you find the best pieces.

Define Your Needs and Preferences

First things first – be clear about what you’re searching for. Do you have any special preferences? Consider factors such as:

  • The type of item you want (e.g., clothing, electronics, furniture)
  • Your budget
  • Size
  • Brand or style preferences
  • Condition (brand new, like-new, used – excellent, used-good, very used)
  • Any specific features or requirements (material, color)

Use the filter function: marko offers search filters that can optimize your shopping experience. Use these filters to refine your search results by criteria like price range, color, brand, item condition, material etc.
Screenshot of filters on marko

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller with any questions you may have about the item. Use our comment section for a smooth and fast chat. More about how to reach the seller here. Open communication can help you decide and ensure that the item matches your expectations.
Screenshot of comments on marko

You’re safe when you buy

marko charges a small buyer protection fee. This means every purchase on marko is protected. The marko buyer protection keeps your secondhand purchases safe. For a small fee, we protect your payment, provide the option to return items and claim a refund and offer you 24/7 customer support. On marko you don’t need to worry about scams! So, you don’t need to worry about scams!
The safest and easiest option to receive your secondhand is to choose “easy shipping”, when offered by the seller. It is a simple and easy partnership with the Swiss Post to ship items. Read more about it here.

Inspect the Item

Once you have bought the item and it has arrived in your mailbox, you should inspect the item immediately. Check for any signs of wear, damage, or defects that weren’t addressed in the listing. If the item doesn’t meet your expectations, mention it to the seller or consider returning it. You can reach out to the seller via email: You find the address under your ordered products on your marko profile.

We hope these points improve your shopping experience and help you find the perfect item for you.

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